Engineering Electrical Solutions For Retrofit and Rebuilds

With over 90 years experience in designing, installing, and updating electrical components, Laibe understands the complexities and stresses industrial corporations endure. We recognize the high cost of having downtime at your manufacturing facility and we work efficiently to reduce the impact. 

Our competitive pricing, certifications, and extensive workforce and experience make us the superior solution when you need electrical support to optimize your manufacturing processes. 

  • Detailed and precise coordination of personnel and equipment to ensure efficiency and reduce downtime
  • Continual pursuit of CEUs and certifications by the leading manufacturers in the industry to be the most proficient provider of electrical solutions 
  • Secure necessary and critical tools and equipment to ensure minimal interruptions in manufacturing operations 
  • Dedicated and focused team able to update electrical components within an existing, large scale manufacturing framework  

As the electrical component leader of glass furnace rebuilds and retrofits, we have extensive knowledge and capabilities in updating electrical components specific to industrial manufacturing. The amount of furnace operation hours dictate when re-builds must occur, and the Laibe team is completely committed to being on-site from the first shut-down inspection until the furnace has been authorized to resume operation. Glass furnace electrical components that are rebuilt include:

  • Boost
  • Instrumentation
  • Process controls
  • Camera Systems

We focus our support on glass furnaces including those that make:

  • Bottles
  • Flat Glass
  • Fiber Glass

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