Innovative Thinking

Expertise Beyond Installation and Service

Whether it’s a single network drop or all technology and electrical facets of a major facility, we are committed to excellence and driven to deliver more than just results. We are continually researching optimal and strategic electrical and technology solutions to provide seamless service to our customers. 

We utilize smart lighting solutions that adjust to both natural light and the time of day to keep team members, students, and work teams alert and refreshed. We also offer UV lighting solutions for healthcare that can kill bacteria in operating rooms to ensure procedures are sterile. These are just a couple of our innovative options that deliver consistent outcomes.


Adhering to client specifications and focused on end-user satisfaction, we collaborate with our engineers, designers, and technicians to investigate and determine what system will deliver the best performance, measurable results, and optimal value.


Through all stages of construction, our installers establish work patterns to minimize disruptions to other sub-contractors while maintaining the sequence of operations.

On-going Support

Once a project is completed, our engineers and technicians are thorough in system education and are available 24/7 to increase value to the owner, identify any areas of concern and resolve them quickly, and verify system performance.

Let Us Work For You

Professional Attention and Innovation Solutions

Laibe is your diversified electrical contractor in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. We have the reputation of providing confidence and customer satisfaction to every project we’re involved with. Contact us today to get started.

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