design Design Assist

Utilizing the Design Assist delivery method can result in a savings of both construction and bidding monies, as well as a reduced overall construction period. By being involved with the owner’s design professionals from the inception of a project, we can offer ideas for the most cost-effective materials and methods that the engineers and architects may not be aware of. The schedule can be shortened by eliminating the bid period and the value management period. Change orders are eliminated unless there is an owner-initiated scope change.

The Design Build delivery method involves the contractor providing design services and working with the client to complete the design, as well as constructing the project. The construction time is shortened, costs to the owner are less and change orders are eliminated, using our 89 years of experience to complete a turnkey project.
Value Management

If your plans have already been completed, we will help you reduce your construction costs. Our Value Management Team will analyze your “as designed” plans and offer money-saving alternatives. We work with you to show you exactly where your project can be streamlined and then let you choose the solution that fits your needs. We believe in reliable and honest quotes designed to deliver a high quality product delivered on a timely basis with no surprises.